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Artist Statement

My mission is to accentuate the beauty of nature through the use of color. I like to give power to animals in portraits that tell a unique story. The stories I like to tell are ones that show a sense of divinity, worship, celebration of the animals wild spirit..  I have a deep respect for all animals, I feel a deeper connection to the animals that live around me such as my pets, the coyotes that live in the woods next to my home, and the local zoo down the street. Although I am not pro-captivity, I still love the animals that live there. Some of the animals I know live in captivity and so their real lives are limited by those confined spaces. Since this is the opposite of their nature, I like to give them a sense of freedom in my artwork. Humans can draw a lot of parallels to trapped animals who wish to be free and wild. I often draw the parallel of being trapped in ones mind who wishes to be creative. These works are an outter representation of the creativity I feel is often trapped. 


2008 - 2013 

Bachelors of Fine Arts
New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University

I received my Bachelors in Fine Arts in the city of Boston. I studied traditional art forms drawing and painting, and design. Later from 2016 to 2018 I took some professional studies classes in Animation and Digital Art at Lesley University. 

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