I am a fully vaccinated photographer in the Greater Boston area. I like to drive so I can meet you at a chosen location for Newborn, Family, and Couple Portraits. Sometimes minimum amount of time for Family Portraits is 3 hours to ensure young children have time to relax and remain calm for quick cute photos. I can discuss details with clients who have questions, please feel free to email me and we can begin planning a photo shoot date, I look forward to working with you!

I went to school for art. My focus was mostly drawing and general studies. As I got older I landed a contract position as a Real Estate Photographer, I soon researched other types of photography and worked for a family portrait business and a newborn business in the Greater Boston Area.  I love capturing those precious milestones in life. Any happy occasion I love to be a part of and capture the perfect photos that people can look back on forever. Currently, I am an Ophthalmic Photographer, which is a new journey in my career. I  feel very satisfied about capturing important pathologies of people's eyes for MD's, so that people can receive the treatment they need. 

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